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Federal Employee Benefit Counselors (FEBC) is a national group of benefits counselors dedicated to educating federal employees. FEBC was founded by Certified Financial Planners™ with a mission to help federal employees understand and optimize their complex benefits package. Our counselors receive extensive training in the CSRS/FERS pension systems, federal employee group life insurance (FEGLI), Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), federal employee health benefits (FEHB), and all the alternative benefit programs available to federal employees.  They follow a very simple and proven three step process; Educate, Analyze, and Optimize.

Visit the “Our Process” tab to learn more about our three step program and submit the benefits review request form at the top of the page to schedule a benefits counseling secession with a FEBC counselor.  Join the many federal employees who now have a clear path to meeting their financial goals.